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    Seems that Johnnie Walker is making a push to get JW Green distributed and carried in America.. saw a "Green Introductory Pack" with 2 750ml blacks, and 1 200ml green, for $50.. good price on the two blacks and then you have a free 200ml green.

    seems smirnoff twisted is going to change is packaging, i have seen it on the watermelons already but the other flavors still have the old packaging..

    have seen all the new bacardi silver packaging, its VERY plain but it actually helps it get noticed IMO.. their new "look" for the watermelon flavor isnt what they went with on the other flavors, so now they'll have to change that packaging immediately.. seems to be harder to find low-carb dark cherry, and most people only carry the low-carb green apple..

    run, post some news in here!

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