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    picked up a 200ml bottle of Johnnie Walker Green at a local store for $14.99, just to give it a shot, and everyone seems to charge $55-60 for a bottle of green, so I wasnt about to drop that..

    havent tried it yet and only briefly smelled it, but I wasnt impressed by the smell... will give it a go here sometime soon..

    also, today I ran across 200ml JW Gold's, which I had never seen before except in the 4 packs that are about $100-120 (red/black/gold/blue, all 200mls)... they didnt have a price tag and so i asked the girl and she just read the price tag nearest and said "$10.99"... so i picked them both up, at that price, a bottle of gold would be like $44... and its normally $70, so if they had more, i woulda bought all I could..

    so i have 2 bottles of gold here and not sure what to do wtih them, sell them for a profit or try them.. probably sell one and keep one.

    anyways, post your thoughts on red, black, green, gold or blue if you enjoy or have tried any of them!

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