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    What's the latest on malt alternatives in the streets & stores? How fast is the segment growing and where is the growth coming from? Any major shifts in brand positions? How's this year's round of innovation doing? Who's winning and who's losing with the consumer?

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    Smirnoff has launched Twisted Arctic Berry and is killing Twisted Mandarin Orange.

    There's growth in the Twisted Tea concept, but with Diageo/Smirnoff bringing out the Raw Tea concept, will that halt Twisted Tea's growth in houses/territories that they share?

    Smirnoff at one point thought Triple Black was going to eclipse Ice but that's not the case anymore. Now instead of having Ice/Triple Black, and then the Twisted Line, they are realligning them all in one unified line.

    As for Mike's, the new reformulated Mike's Lemon-Light is off to a hot start and selling consistently at a rate higher than Berry or Lime in some areas. Their Frozen/Mik-a-rita concept has been widely regarded as overpriced, and there's no clear on-premise functions for the beverage, such as Southern Comfort's So-Co Frozen Slurpee machines seen at concert venues.

    In the end, Mike's may be realizing that consumer convenience is outweighing cool new ideas.

    Bacardi - when will this line die?

    Zima - Pretty much this line is not a concern for Coors anymore.

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