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    I have always woundered why for so long. Why does everyone talk down on Peter Van Stolk. Why does everyone talk down on Jones. Why does everyone talk down on Urban Juice and Sode. Now I know why. Cause they are all a bunch of Jack Asses. The distributor that I am with has built Jones up in the Greater San Francisco area. Were supported with no P.O.S. No rep to help get accounts. No nothing for the company. But yet we built Jones up in less than 2 years from nothing, to an almost cult item in many stores...We are flying through 2 trucks a month in the winter time...gearing up for 4 trucks a month in the summer. So what is our thanks for making the Jones name known in the Bay Area. We get it taken away from us. 7-UP will be taking over Jones in the No. Cali area. 7-Up will only be doing 6 flavors and will not be doing Whoop Ass. Jones for all I am concerned can go bankrupt tomarrow...SCREW JONES...SCREW PETER VAN STOLK...AND SCREW EDIE BLACK

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