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    Man - you all dissing Jones is very entertaining. U all sound like little bitches who were picked last in gym class. I'm not one to register to a site such as this but it is a foggy nite here and I am bored. To be a hater must be a very sad and empty life up in Northern Cali. I know, you can blame it on the rainy weather but you have to admit, Jones is THE raddest product on the shelves today. They are making history and their marketing achievements speak for themselves. As the core of coolness of tv shows "Monster Garage" from Discovery Channel approached Jones Soda and asked for their old RV to transform it to a halfpipe and Tony Hawk wanted to be on the show to represent the Jones RV, they must be doing something right to have Jesse James and Tony HAwk in their corner. Check it out on April 14th 2003 if you need more proof. So, in short, suck it up, realize you are a little B-yauch and go cut the grass in your little surburbia neighborhood and go try the new Jones Green Tea made with Hemp. It might mellow U out a bit homie.

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