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    I read a few post and Toby or Ron or someone said hey your just bashing RB!!! I thought about it for a minute and thought you know what.... I am and I should. RB really is a lousy product. If it were a car it would be a green station wagon pinto or AMC Gremlin! Does it sell? yes but, leg warmers and spandex did too. If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck..... Well in this case it looks like Garbage, smells like it, and lord knows it taste like it..... Garbage! The best part is people pay a premium price for this garbage! The new thing I find interesting is that companies like Coke and Pepsi have numerous packaging options so consumers can enjoy their beverages in different settings....... NOT RB they could care less... you are going to get it in this tiny little can and like it no matter what. You want more too bad open another can. You want a lot!!! Fast!!!! too the cans!!! Amazing what you can make people do.
    Dear Coke and Pepsi,

    What the hell are you doing haven't you heard.... you don't need to offer your products in various containers and sizes. All you need is an 8oz. can!!! That's it!!! 2 liter bottles HAH...16 oz. PET HAH!!! 12oz. can HAH!!! Not needed!!! Bag in a box HaH !!!!! NOT NEEDED!!!!! All you need is a 8oz. teeny tiny bitch like can. That is it!!! The masses will follow. Forget choice.. Forget convenience...Forget Everything!!!! All you need is the little 8oz. can!


    8ozcans rule Inc.

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