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    Hey how many of you out there have worked on marketing this sorry brand Hank's only to have it turned over to your competition who then is so lame that they cannot open many new accounts and thus send their clowns to try to eat up the ones that you had created?

    If anyone is interested in a list of replacement brands in 12oz longneck glass for each and every one of the Hank's flavors let me know and I'll be happy to supply the list. Also for anyone interested I can palletize a mishmash of replacement brands and ship anywhere.

    My experience out here is that except for a few cheapskate retailers who sucked bargains out of the sales reps to keep it on, it has been successfully replaced in over 95% of the outlets. Fortunately Hank's is not one of the better lines of products on the market so it's relatively easy to convince people to switch to something better.

    So remember... when you see Hank's,... say "No Thanks"!!
    Keep in mind that the King Of Pop\'s crown is not made from a bunch of melted aluminum cans!

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