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    I kinda like having another option when going into a convenience store. Let's face it, the big 2 have run out of ideas, they are no longer innovators, they are followers. They wait for a trend to develop, then follow it. Innovation has been set aside by the big 2 and has been replaced by greed. Why give consumers anything new when we can just have line extensions every year of Mt.Dew/Pepsi/Sprite/Coke and produce those brands in every package imaginable. The well has run dry at Coke and Pepsi. Why develop new ideas when they can just sit back and wait for other companies to do so, then just buy them, Sobe, Starbucks line, Tropicana, Gatorade, Quaker, Rockstar, Monster, Bravo?, Arizona?, etc. etc.

    Jones has some nice products, some wacky flavors, but the bottom line is I don't feel cheated when I plunk down $1.00-$1.29 for one of their beverages. I don't drink them every day, but I like the option. It's kinda nice to enter a store and see some Jones in a cooler, instead of the standard, Pepsi door, Coke door, Snapple door, Gatorade door, water door.

    Who knows or even cares how big or small the Jones Soda Company ends up, but for now, I'm content to bypass 72 facings of Mountain Dew (Dew-Diet Dew-Caffeine Free Dew-Diet Caffeine Free Dew-Code Red Dew-Diet Code Red Dew-Livewire Dew-Pitch Black Dew-Pitch Black Dew II-Electrocution Dew-Baja Blast Dew-Everything but the kitchen sink Dew) get to a nice cold Jones Soda.

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