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    I just found this forum because I wanted to get something off my chest.
    A couple days ago I bought a 24 pack of Diet Mountain Dew (Yes, I am addicted). I chilled the pack and cracked open the first can, what a suprise, it tasted like someone added a disinfectant to the mix. I promptly poured it down the drain. Then I opened another, tasted the same....really bad!
    While quickly scanning the can for some reason for the odd taste I discover the words emblazened on the side of the can, "Tuned up taste". WHAT! NO! They didn't screw with my Dew! I quickly ran to a local gas station to check for old stock and found my fix. Drove home and popped open a warm one, ahhhhhhh, there it was, the old taste was back.
    I called the number on the can today and a very curtious lady listened to my complaint, she had no hesitation in her voice at all as she told me the sweetener formula had been changed to include Splenda and she would be more than happy to send me a coupon for a new case.

    Has anyone else encountered this?

    I am in Northwest Indiana and I am sure the new stuff will be spreading quickly.

    So sorry for a first post being a long rant but I am hooked on the stuff and don't want to see this happen to a good product.

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