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    As I posted elsewhere... Coke just needs to stick with one citrus drink, maybe steal some of Mountain Dew's thunder.

    In my area, Mello Yello was gone for a while, then it came back, and now it is gone.

    Really, Coke is (was) sending really mixed messages to the masses. "Hey, it's Mello Yello, oh wait, it's now Surge, now it's Mello Yello again, oh crap now it's Vault!" Also, advertising and distributing it was lackluster (wait they advertised Mello Yello and Vault?!). Coke needs to realize that Mountain Dew is a major seller for Pepsi, and every place that has Pepsi serves Mountain Dew and it is a BIG seller.

    None of the resturants in my area serve Mello Yello in the fountains because Dr. Pepper replaced Mello Yello in many markets. I just ask: Why? Where I work fifteen people a day ask if we have Mountain Dew. Burger King doesn't serve Mello Yello (I work there sadly) and neither does McDonalds serve Mello Yello. However, Subway serves Mello Yello, in the fountains and in 20oz bottle, and expensive. Yet the Wendy's in my area still serve Pepsi -- go figure.

    Coke needs to stick with one citrus soda, and make all places that serve Coke, serve one of these drinks. I don't know about your area, but my area sucks. That and advertise it.

    Just my two cents... Coke could keep Mello Yello and Vault on the market at the same time, in stores and at resturants.

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