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    Ok; am I the only one preturbed about the "New" products that PepsiCo has been bringing out? The reason I bring this up is; I asked a question if Pepsi Holiday Spice would be out this year? This is the answer I got from PepsiPimp: "It looks as if we will be pushing Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash this year"!....WHAT?!?!? You expect this to be a BIG seller?!?! First of all if you intended this to be a "Holiday" flavor; you should've labeled it as so. Second..Its been done before! Mixing a lemon-lime pop with another fruit flavor has been done a BILLION times. BRING BACK HOLIDAY SPICE!!!!!

    Now on with the other mistake; JAZZ! Why did they only bring it out in DIET? Everybody that know me (family and friends) knows that Im a PEPSI FREAK, know that I DON'T DRINK DIET! When they came to me and asked if I knew that Pepsi had two new flavors? Then I have to tell them "Yes, but its Diet Pepsi". You dont know how many arguments with people that it was Diet Pepsi. Then I have to bring up the website and show them that DIET PEPSI is very small in the middle of the label.
    This was Pepsi's plan, so that people dont recognize that its Diet...Until they drink it, or stare at it! Its not even emphysized in the commericial that it's a diet cola. As I said in another thread; the flavors are good, but with it being diet they are bland and have a bad after-taste! I know they think they are doing the HEALTHY thing, but HEALTHY DOESNT SELL...especially with us die-hard fans!

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