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    I was searching the web for more info about Josta and saw this web site, it is amazing how many people really liked Josta a lot, there are web pages devoted to Josta soda, so it seems like those who liked it, really, really liked it. I had never tried Josta myself but I guess it had an appeal to many who did try it.

    Anyhow, for any Josta fans here I just thought you'd appreciate knowing there is an unopened can of JOSTA that is currently listed on Ebay,
    just go to Ebay and type josta in the search space -

    (of course those listings on ebay usually only last about a week so those who don't read this soon might not see it there, but you can check and see anyhow)

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    Just checked out the ebay listing for Josta and there are 3 bids on it so far, I guess there are still some real Josta fans out there, I bet they wished they owned the Pepsi company !

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