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    LoL @ needing a new forum to house the putting over and squashing of sumpoosie like the new 30 spot says "more spam" as the truck falls from sky! I think something like this happened before in this forum over a product that was worth it's own forum oh wait that was a jones gripe forum! sumpoosie guy ya think there telling ya something
    Drink soda in Glass Bottles,the way the little guy lays the smackdown on big 2\'s plasta-paradise.

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    First of all I can say that SumPoosie is tastier than any Jones product. I haven't dealt with the company yet but I can say that for their integrity to be better than Jones will take minimal effort. If their integrity is more respectful then they won't require a complaints, gripes, and rants forum.
    Keep in mind that the King Of Pop\'s crown is not made from a bunch of melted aluminum cans!

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