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    Has anyone else out there tried The Bulldog energy drinkn? If so, I'll save you a little effort. Take a can of Red Bull, a packet of sugar, and mix in a cup. Voila, you have Bulldog. I travel a bit, and when in Amsterdam, I always stay at the The Bulldog hostel, and go for a beer at The Bulldog pub. They were pushing this stuff in January while I was there.
    Not a big fan of energy drinks, but you could get it cold, so I tried it. Blah! It gets a -1 out of 5 at best. Just wanted to see if anyone else had the same experience, or am I just burnt out on this stuff?
    Cheers. Salud. Salut. Salute. Na zdrowie. Na zdravi. Slaandjvaa. However you say it, hope it goes down smooth.

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