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    Anyone seen or heard of any NEW energy drink lines that are having success (ever how large or small) in your respective regions?

    Would really appreciate no talk of "sum poosie" .......that can stay in ALL the other boards. Thanks

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    Ive been seeing Rockstar around a good bit on my travels. Mostly on the eastcoast.

    Anyone else?

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    There are two drinks based out of Kentucky, I believe, called Vegas and Pink. They seem to be getting some push from the local Brown-Forman distributor, however according to friends in KY, aside from being in a handful of accounts they don't seem to move much. Although KY is still pretty undeveloped as far as energy drinks go.


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    Hey! At last an interesting topic to talk about... Here in Mexico there is an energy drink called bost. It comes in a can half the size of Red Bull and costs the half (so, the same price).. It is the second energy drink after RB (a comparison: RB has about 60% of the market and bost has about 20%)... There's also a small brand, it's called Blue Shot (the product and the brand image really suck) and it hasn't been so successful.
    There have also been a lot of other brandsw (more than 30) but:
    -5 have been sued (is the spelling ok?) by RB because have similar names, similar colors and there were two that even used bulls on their cans.

    Have a nice day!!

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    In Qu├ębec, the three leading energy drinks are
    -Base (distributed by Labatt/Interbrew)
    -GURU (distributed by Molson)
    -Hype (don't know who distributes)

    All three are sold in the very original 250 ml can format.

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    Guru , Base and Karma are Quebec brands . Karma went belly up and both Guru and Base are having a hard time getting there products out of Montreal Quebec . It seem's like they founded energy drinks for there city only .

    An other point is that Energy drinks seem to be a trend that is fading out just like the pepsi product with the little bubbles inside .

    Good luck guy's im out of the buisness

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    That's why it is best to sell SumPoosie !!!

    It NEVER goes out of style!!!

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