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    Has anyone ever tried the REDLINE energy drink made by VPX Sports. VPX is a nutrition company that mainly sells their products in gyms and supplement stores. I was trying to find it the local stores but it is not in them yet.
    Thanks G

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    <RB#1> Guest


    Havent seen it in the New England market yet

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    <JayPee> Guest


    Yes, I've tried (and use) it. Makes Red Bull look like a Dew.

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    <AllProDist.> Guest


    Their catch phrase is "Freeze and Burn" .....enough said.
    This is without doubt the strongest energy drink on the market. 0 calories too.
    We have just picked it up for dist. here in No. Calif. I am concerned that it might be to strong for up and down the street stores. ( We will launch in the Gym market)
    I let you all know how it is going.

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    Man I just tried the new Redline and you weren't kidding. This stuff is awsome I couldn't believe the kick it gave me. It lasted for about 4 hours for me. I wasn't rushing the whole time but I did feel really good. Since it has 0 calories I was surprised at how good it taste.
    Looks I like I found a new drink!
    G [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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