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    Does anybody else feel that no energy drink or large amount of caffeine works for you. i dont think i've ever been kept awake by the effects of an energy drink or caffeine. It's actually quite annoying that i never can get a "buzz" from anything.

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    Just think of all the money you can save not chasing your next buzz.(Said not to be funny.)

    I know, just like myself, I push my limits and end up not getting much sleep. I start my day at 5 am and tend to go to sleep around 2am or so the next day. I do take a short 1 hour nap in the afternoon.

    My point is that like most of us I am sleep deprived. If I would sleep more hours I would be less tired,better able to face my day.

    If they could sell bottled sleep, heck just maybe the saying "make love not war" would more of a reality. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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