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    Those of you that just sit around bashing Creative Concepts or anyone posting anything positive, seriously need to get off your lazy asses and get out there and run your businesses !
    Honestly if you spent half as much time running your vending businesses as you do posting negative comments here you MIGHT and I stress MIGHT have a snowball's chance in hell of suceeding. Creative Concepts sells Red Bull vending machines...which in turn gives you the opportunity to start and run a sucessfull vending business, BUT..HELLO have to WORK to be sucessfull at anything, unfortunately , some of the people on this board thought their machines were going to be delivered "preloaded" with miracles and all they would have to do was push a button and empty the money. As far as the locations companys, I understood from day one that these people are all independant contractors and their services were offered as an "option" only to anyone purchasing machines, It was my choice whether to use any of them or find my own locations. Since I wanted my machines placed within the area I live in, I spent about 3 weeks, before my machines arrived checking with local businesses and had spots for all of them before they even arrived, I check them all once a week and have to refill about every 2 weeks..Its hard work but anything worth having usually is, my next order of 10 machines will be here next week and I have locations waiting , so it is possible, there ARE success stories out here, most of us are just too tired or too busy to write on these boards..Im glad I took a break today to see what all the slackers are doing. I wish you all the best and truly hope you view this as the "WakeUp" call it is meant to be to be !

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