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    Been a while since I last posted something regardng this issue. Not sure how a lot of people did with this but seeking help if any is available since I obsiously do not know what I am doing. I purchased 25 machines 10 months ago and some are doin well but most are not. I find that using a placement service stole my money basically since the locations they did get are crap and the warranty they offered is not good since they are long gone from business, Target Marketing International and Dave LaSond. (jerk)

    My fault getting into an industry I had no prior knowledge of and certainly no time to devote to due to a full time job issue. I can service the machines but cannot locate a location.

    Guess what I am seeking here is some friendly advise on the easiest way to secure great locations with not spending a lot of $$ since I do not have any more because of this purchasse.I am in trouble and will welcome advise.

    Also, if there is no advise to help me in regards to that, I am open to selling my machines since Red Bull will not buy them back like I was hoping they would. They found it convenient not to since I am in Madison Wisconsin and they do not have a need out here.

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