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    Cool Save Cocaine Energy Drink - New Slogan Needed

    "The Cool Alternative"

    "Liquid High"

    We need your help!

    If you want to save Cocaine Energy Drink, please send an email to telling us that you know our drink is not a drug and that you know that it is not intended to get you high (which it is not). It is an energy drink like all of the other energy drinks.

    If you want to keep Cocaine Energy Drink on the market we need your support.

    Please take note that the phrase "The Legal Alternative" is used to convey the message that our energy drink is an alternative way to be "cool" without having to do illegal drugs or get high. We do not advocate drug use; that would not be responsible.

    If you do not want to keep Cocaine Energy Drink on the market send us an email too. We have always been fair; having posted both bad press and good press (among other things) on our website. All emails will be read and considered.

    Thank you for your attention.


    Jamey Kirby
    Senior Partner/Founder
    Redux beverages, LLC
    The Cocaine Energy Drink -

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