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    Default Traveling and want some tips

    Hey all,

    I'm going to be out in Vegas next month for a week and was hoping for some beverage recommendations. I'd be looking for interesting local options that aren't available on the East Coast, even older products that may just not be sold out East anymore as well. Additionally, if any new products that have yet to be seen everywhere nationwide (for example, the new Sierra Mist Ruby Splash or the new VitaminWater varieties) I'd be interested in that too.

    The one specific question I have is about what Las Vegas stores would be carrying Pepsi Natural, as I don't live in one of the test rollout markets but I saw that LV was on the list. Thanks for any help residents or recent visitors can be.

    p.s. If you live in Arizona or California nearby, even your recommendations still might be things that I can find that we wouldn't have in Delaware.

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