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    Default What makes a gourmet soda?

    Please share your knowledge on this subject, I am getting a bit confused to the claims being made by some soda companies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by illusionh20 View Post
    Please share your knowledge on this subject, I am getting a bit confused to the claims being made by some soda companies.
    In my opinion...

    Glass bottle
    pure cane sugar
    clean, crisp flavors
    quality graphics
    willingness to try "outside of the box" flavors

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    I was also thinking that "craftsmanship" of a gourmet soda, being
    that a small local bottler can contol to a higher
    quality than large scale bottlers.
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    IMO of the research I've done. The terms seems to be used pretty losely among all of Pepsi and Coke's competitors. Sounds to me alot like stores trying to compeat with Wal-Mart, you have to think "outside the box" to bring in sales of the same things Wal-Mart sells even though you can't beat their pricing.

    Most "gourmet sodas" pride themselves in "all natural" ingredients, of course there's nothing out there holding them to that, since ingredient labels are extremely vague.

    I would say to qualify to be a gourmet soda you would have to have the following:

    1. Products made in small batches to give it that "we care" feeling.

    2. Natural ingredients such as juices and cane sugar.

    3. A traditional label, many are going back to the labels of yesteryear.

    4. And of course glass bottles.

    All of these allow "gourmet sodas" to stand out against the big dogs and allow for people to feel as though they are "trading up" and living "healthier" by drinking these types of soda.

    Ultimately the fate of anyone of of these sodas is to be bought up by Coke or Pepsi. Let's face it, the total revenue of all gourmet sodas in any given is roughly $400 million, whereas Pepsi made that in 2003 alone.

    In the world of Wal-Marts, you compeat until Wal-Mart carries the products you sell. In the word of Pepsi and Coke, you come out with better looking and tasting beverages in hopes that they will buy you out. (ok, maybe not everyone wants to be bought out, but the money would be nice)

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