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    Default Diet Mello Yello

    Going through Kentucky, Tennesse and South Carolina over Memorial Day Weekend and was hoping to find and try some Diet Mello Yello. If anyone has seen it and know what store it was at I would so greatly appreciate it if you posted the location so I can pick some up. Thanks again.
    I am looking for Mello Yello in glass bottles and Diet Mello Yello in can or bottle...if you find them let me know where you got them, thank you in advance.

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    The Coke bottlers in Union City TN and Middlesboro KY sell 10oz glass bottles of Mello Yello. UC bottles it themselves but Middlesboro buys from Big Springs, so they may or may not still be selling it.

    I've found Diet Mello Yello around Knoxville and Chattanooga. CCE's Cleveland TN plant makes it for Knoxville and Coke United's Chattanooga plant produces it for that area. Check Kroger stores.

    I don't think it is sold in SC ... Spartanburg, maybe, since it is Coke United territory. Also around Augusta would be a possibility. Coke Consolidated controls most of SC and they don't sell diet MY, but they sell a lot of the regular stuff (no glass).
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