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    Default A Day In The Life Of A Soda Freak/Addict

    I want to know a regular day in the life of a soda from when u wake up till u go to bed. Name everything u normally drink...Just thought this would be interesting.

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    Well usually within an hour or two after waking up, I'll open a bottle of Vanilla Coke. A few hours later I'll fix some dinner so that I can go to work. I usually still have that Vanilla Coke so I'll drink it with my dinner. I then take a Vaniilla Coke with me to have in the car for my job since I work out of my car. Then around 10 or so, I'll stop in and get a couple of bottles of Vanilla Coke at my local C store and sometimes I'll open up one of those and drink it. The other bottle gets saved till the next afternoon.

    Last night after work, I stopped at the grocery store to get some things and picked up 5 20OZ bottles of Vanilla Coke. Gotta stock up for my two days off coming up.

    Not too exciting I know but it's my story.

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    I'm a beverage freak but even more so I'm
    a soda pop addict. My main drug of choice is Pepsi.
    Usually I drink a minimum of 5 to 7 cans of Pepsi per day.
    Depending of my mood I might have a few other
    of my A-List soda pops along with my Pepsi's.

    I also drink 6 to 7 bottles (16.9oz) of spring water
    per day.
    Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba

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    For me, it means checking out the soda selection EVERY time I'm traveling.
    Life is too short to drink crummy sodas...

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