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    Default DP Bottling Company of West Jeferson, NC

    I found these 12oz glass bottles in Phenix City, AL today, they also had Peach Nehi and A&W rootbeer.

    The side oh the bottle does NOT list HFCS it lists just "Sugar" -- would this mean it was made with pure sugar? Oh wait, found this, look what Wikipedia just said..

    Although Dublin Dr Pepper is the most widely known cane sugar Dr Pepper product, it is not exclusive in this respect. Three other U.S. bottlers are confirmed to use cane sugar to this day, two of which are also located in Texas. These bottlers are Temple Bottling Company of Temple, Texas, ABTEX Bottling of Abilene, Texas and West Jefferson Dr Pepper of West Jefferson, NC.
    Like that shows was bottled at the Dr. Pepper Bottling Company, West Jefferson, NC 28694.

    That's awesome, I found RC Cola, Sun Drop, Peach Nehi, Sun Drop, and A&W rootbeer made with cane sugar!! - West Jefferson Dr Pepper

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