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    I have an idea for a sports/fitness drink/water and need some advice from the experts as far as patenting and general startup procedures go. I was considering purchasing some raw materials myself to create the formula, but I am unfamiliar with certain ingredients such as preservatives (citric acid, lactate) and colorings, etc. It would be difficult to know how much of these ingredients I need and how they would react w/ the other ingredients in the drink. I have thought about consulting a do-it-all manufacturer that would produce a custom formula given my vision and list of key ingredients. If I did decide to go this route, do I need to get this manufacturer to sign a confidentiality agreement before working with them? and when should I think about getting a patent? Could I possibly patent a custom formula w/o the amounts of necessities such as preservatives, coloring, etc. and just rely on the profile of the main ingredients? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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