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    Default Cost of shipping full soda cans?

    I am looking to unload some of my old sodas using eBay. Has anyone here done that before? I am wondering what a fair shipping charge for one full can would be.

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    The fair shipping charge is whatever the Post Office, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc charge to ship the package.

    On top of that, add handling fees to cover the cost of packing materials and such. You can use old newspaper, or bubble wrap. No more than 50, I'd say.

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    a couple of months ago I shipped some 16 oz can 12 packs halfway across the US thru the USPS and it was around 16 bucks each. I wrapped the 12 packs in a plastic bag, then wrapped foam around that and put it in a box to ship. The difference in a 16 oz 12 pk and a 12 oz 24 pack is the weight of about 4 cans give or take part of a can. My guess that it would roughly be around $20-$25 to ship a whole case from CA to NY, FL to WA. That being said I wouldn't pay more than a buck or two for one can. On a side note a good way to ship cans.. Buy some PVC pipe large enough for the can to fit into newspaper etc around it, and some caps for the pipe. PVC is relatively cheap and the good thing is that if it does get a beating during the shipping it won't (well shouldn't)damage the can
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