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    Angry somebody messing with wikipedia again, a new sprite remix

    Sprite Remix - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    * Tropical Sprite Remix: This variation of Sprite was first introduced in 2003 with a tropical fruit flavor. Some say it tastes like peach, cantaloupe or Skittles.
    * Berryclear Sprite Remix: This Sprite Remix was introduced on April 1, 2004 and has a mixed berry flavor.
    * Aruba Jam Sprite Remix: The most recent version of Sprite Remix had been released in April 2005, discontinued late 2005.
    * Sprite "Skittles" Remix: As of August 2007, Corprate has just introduced the next genration of Sprite Remix. We are proud to release the Sprite "Skittles" Remix with a release date of Spring 2008. "Get ready to Taste the Liquid Rainbow."

    they can't even spell generation and corporate right. jerks. gotta be messing with my drink.
    Bring'em Back!

    Tropical Sprite Remix, Pepsi Vanilla, Sierra Mist Orange (Undercover or not!)

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