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    Angry Jones Hype machine"Busted"

    It looks as if Peters diarrhea of the mouth finally is getting wiped off of his stupid little face. How can a company the has a slogan run with the little guy, continuously not make a profit, be 1200% over valued(Thanks Jim Cramer for the Hype machine at its finest), continuously miss the mark over and over, execution wise and finnacially, pay for the rights to the Seattle seahawks stadium then charade as the little guy? This is text book ENRON. Pete sells 2.5 million US Dollars of his own shares and 4 other BOD members sell all of there shares, at peak price before announcing the bad news again, from one side of their mouth while on the other side they talk more s**t.

    Why would I as a distributor of Jones continue to work my ass off selling the bottles while Pete and his crew find every way possible to undermine all of my hard work? 16 oz cans for $.99 cents then why would you buy a bottle for $1.59? and then try to sell major retailers direct behind my back for less than I buy it for?

    Rain maker no more it looks like it will be snowing early in seattle this year!

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