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    Thumbs down Vernors Ale

    Are there any people out there who actually like VERNORS or DT VERNORS ale? I LOVE Canada Dry, and even a couple of the store brands out there, but VERNS?!
    I hate even being at work on the days we make the stuff...
    Your eyes burn, after taking a few breathes, you start to feel a burning, tickling sensation that causes a constant cough.
    I can't even begin to describe the smell. If a bottle busts and leaks, that's pretty bad. But when it's concentrated, emitting it's toxic fumes, waiting to be bottled...
    I think they have to repaint the walls, the vernors fumes cause the paint to bubble and flake off...
    I think the only people that buy the stuff are those wishing to unclog a drain because it probably does a better job than drain-o.
    Just a random question...

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