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    Default cherry/black cherry soda

    Hello! I've been a longtime lurker, and this is my first post!

    I am hoping someone can tell me what kinds of cherry and/or black cherry sodas are available around me in Minneapolis, MN.

    Here's my knowledge of cherry/black cherry around here: Supermom's (carried at Super Americas only?) used to make both until the early 90's or so (does anyone else remember how good most of their sodas were?) Quite a few places carried cherry Best Yet until it stopped being sold in MN a few years back (I called Best Yet in OK to ask about it today and was told that they are hoping to find a distributor here.) Rainbow used to carry cherry Jolly Good when they were bought out by Roundy's at first, but they dropped Jolly Good for Roundy's own soda, and they don't make cherry although they do make black cherry, which I think is only ok, like Cub's SuperChill version. Elf used have a cherry soda I saw at some Supervalus in the late 80's/early 90's (is Elf even made anymore?)

    That's all I know!

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