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    I posted this under energy drinks but it didn't appear. Maybe because I'm a new member. If that's the case, please excuse the double post.

    I own a homebrewing and winemaking supply business in the Chicago suburbs. We have a couple of stores and a mail order business. My partner is racecar driver Tony Schumacher.

    We developed a caffeine concentrate to be used as an ingredient for caffeinating other drinks. We got the idea from drinking Powerade, which sponsors our racing series. Many times we just wished it had caffeine.

    Our initial attempts failed. In high concentration caffeine will precipitate out. Eventually we came up with a stable solution which can be added to cold or hot beverages.

    The bloggers have picked up on the product and our site traffic is getting pretty big. While I'm not out shopping for Gulfstreams yet, we have a steady online sales with many repeat customers. A google search for "Purecaf" will produce hundreds of hit, including newspaper articles and blog posts.

    I am looking for help and advice getting started. I went to the Pak Expo in Chicago, but most people don't want to deal with small companies no matter how good the idea is.

    Yes, we can use Tony for advertising eventually, but I want all of our ducks in a row before we drop that bomb.

    Comments and suggestions are appreciated. If the internet buzz is any indication, we already have a winner.

    PURECAF Liquid Caffeine

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