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    Default Odwalla 64 oz orange juice

    Hello all,

    I had only bought Odwalla's smaller bottles of orange juice and loved them, so I decided to buy the 64oz bottle at the supermarket for about $6.50, and I am very disappointed: . The juice, while decent, tastes very watered down, and I feel had. While the juice in the smaller bottles always tasted purely squeezed and fresh, the 64oz bottle has a distinct watered down taste. Anybody else have this experience? Thanks.

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    Just asking.....did you check the use by date?
    You might have picked up an out of date bottle?
    Did you shake the bottle before you poured it in a glass?
    Did you store the bottle in or around the coldest part of your

    I'm sure you did all of the above. I would call the company and
    place a complaint.
    Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba

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