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    Default Deer Park bottled Water

    I found Deer Park bottled water in Coshocton Ohio,Deer Park has always
    been a favorite,got discontinued in Columbus Ohio-where I live.Deer Park
    is part of Nestle and Nestles distributes Ice Mountain in Columbus Ohio.
    Deer Park and Ice Mountain do not taste the same me.Deer Park has a
    smoother taste while Ice Mountain taste like melted ice.
    Whenever I am in Coshocton I stop in Walmart and pick up a case or 2
    and take it back home to Columbus.


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    I agree with you. Ice Mountain spring water is on my B List.
    I'll drink it if I can't get my favorite. My favorite spring water
    is produced by Coca Cola. Here is a list of the brands produced at
    their PA spring/plant. Look for the abbreviation "MG" ( Milesburg source) on the label as there
    are a few store brands that are bottled at the same source.

    IMO.....Springs (CCDA) is very smooth and has a real mellow mouth feel. LOL

    Coca-Cola - Milesburg, PA | Inside the Bottle
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