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    Default Mexican Soda, Cane Sugar, Glass Bottles $10 per Case @ Big Lots

    OK, so maybe itís not Coca Cola, but our Big Lots here in the Metro area have Barillitos Pineapple, Tangerine and Fruit Punch for 40 cents a bottle. I got a case for our Hispanic Heritage Month Festival last week. People were shocked that you could still get soda in long-neck glass bottles that still needed a bottle opener. I told them to try lugging 24 bottles of the stuff around for any distance and suddenly youíll remember why aluminum cans became so popular. Good stuff, if you like fruit flavors.
    With thousands of sodas available for the choosing, why drink just one or two?

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    Cool!, there's only Barrilitos on sale, or there's Jarritos, Topo Chico and Victoria on sale too?

    BTW, the future of Barrilitos is uncertain yet, Jugos del Valle (owner of Barrilitos) has been sold to Coca-Cola, but an extortionist called Eduardo Perez Motta (federal competition commisioner) is forcing Coca-Cola to get rid of Barrilitos, so Coca-Cola would have to sell the barrilitos brand or discontinue it...

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