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    Default Nashville & Memphis Soda?

    I am traveling to Nashville and to Memphis Tn any one know if there is anything special out this way to pick up...any Diet Mello Yello or is that now lossed because of Vault zero??
    I am looking for Mello Yello in glass bottles and Diet Mello Yello in can or bottle...if you find them let me know where you got them, thank you in advance.

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    Double Cola and Ski around Nashville. Ski also in Elizabethtown, KY (from Ennis Coke)

    I haven't been to Memphis in 2 years, can't really say what is going on there. I do remember seeing Caffeine Free Dr Pepper from Coke there, if you're looking for that.

    If you're going to find Diet Mello Yello, you'll find it in Kentucky. I remember it being very plentiful there.

    You may also find Delaware Punch in Memphis. Cheer-wined reported he saw in there in 2006.

    You should also see a fair amount of Big Red, at least in KY.

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