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    Default Question about specialty beverage (and food) industry

    I need to research companies who create specialty/gourmet beverages (and foods), and who need the services of a graphic designer to create logos and packaging for their products.

    Here's what I'm hoping to find out:
    - How many companies, potentially, need the services of a graphic designer? (On a contract or freelance basis - not as an employee/in-house/on-staff.)

    - What is the average project size or value (in dollars)?

    - How often do they need graphic design or illustration (print collateral) in a year?

    - Does the market seem to be growing or shrinking?

    I am re-focusing my company's marketing for 2008 and this information would be helpful in choosing a target market(s).

    Thank you! (Of course anything you choose to share will be confidential.)

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