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    Default Pepsi Summer Mix (discontinued) Substitute

    (To the mods who keep deleting this... Please know that Summer Mix is DISCONTINUED therefore I am NOT causing loss of business or anything, and the mix requires use of Pepsi anyway. If this is somehow still wrong to post, PLEASE send me a private message or email, so I can know what is wrong about it, because the rules say nothing about this, and as far as I can see this is just the same as telling folks where to find a rare soda, which I've seen plenty of on this board. Thank you.)

    Any of you miss Pepsi Summer Mix? I sure do. We've all of course gotta do our part to let them know we love it; contact their customer service/comment line if you haven't already. I have and the lady on the line said she loves it too. Hopefully they'll bring it back next summer (unchanged I hope), or find a way to implement it fully into their lineup.

    Unless/until they do though, there's a similar tasting mix-up you can make.

    Buy some regular or decaff Pepsi
    Go to a Taco Bell that sells Mountain Dew Baja Blast
    Buy a big cup of that (no ice so it's not dilluted)
    Mix 'em together! I had best results at a ratio of 3 parts Baja to 2 parts Pepsi, but go by what tastes best.

    Enjoy! ^_^

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    Funny, that's just what came to mind when I saw the title of this thread. But I really didn't like Summer Mix, and I'd rather drink Pepsi and Baja Blast separately.

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    It's still setting on the shelves in Indianapolis in cans.

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    Aaah! Lucky Indianapolis! I'd so go "Road-Trip!" if gas weren't as bad as it is. T_T

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    That's a pity that there's no more Pepsi summer mix... I wanted to try it next january...

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