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    Default Who wants to help us make Dog Beer?

    Hello, all! My name is Jamie Miller, and I'm the owner of Dog Star Brewing Company in Napa Valley, California. We make Happy Tail Ale, beer for dogs. It's non-alcoholic, non-carbonated and without hops, BUT, it does have malt and beef flavor, plus glucosamine and vitamin e.

    I currently have Happy Tail Ale brewed by a contract brewer, and we do it in 400-600 case batches. It's a very easy product to make, as you're basically mixing wort, bottling it, pasteurizing it, and labeling it. That's it! I source all of my own ingredients, and send trucks to pick it up.

    I've decided we really don't need an actual brewery to make it, a beverage producer will do just as well.

    Now, I need additional manufacturers. Is there anyone out there that can make what I need, in this amount of production?

    Thanks for your time!

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