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    Default Sell my collection?

    After reading how many new releases that have come out in such a short period of time; and my dad's recent massive kidney stone, I may be retiring from the collecting game. Most new releases basically taste the same; like poop, and the creativity has gone out of the whole thing. The problem is if I keep all the ones i have, I'll never stop collecting. Therefore, I am looking for someone to buy the whole thing. I think just under 400 is enough for any sort of collection don't you? I don't expect anyone here to do so (we probably have the same ones), but it may make a good gift to a youngster in need of a hobby, though they miss out on what tastes like what.


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    Default Stoned

    Well I've had kidney stones in the past before there were energy drinks so I don't see a connection there. Truth is they don't really know what causes them far as I can tell. The are extremely painful though. I actually have not had one in many years which I credit to beer, energy drinks and water all keeping my kidney flushed out real good lol.

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    I'm sure Greg can better explain this. (Hint Greg please
    bail me out. LOL)

    There is a medical connection with soda pop (ED's?) causing kidney stones.
    Some soda pop drinkers who over indulge are not flushing
    (re-hydrating with water or non caffeinated fluids) from their systems.
    It has something to do with mineral deposits that settle in the
    kidneys and get calcified forming stones.
    I tried to find a good link on the net with no luck.

    IMO...I drink two bottles of water for every can of soda pop.
    I pee a lot LOL but I have never had a kidney problem over
    my past 35 years of soda pop over indulgence. LOL

    (If your urine is yellow or dark yellow, that means you need to drink more
    water. Ideally your urine should be clear (slightly yellow). Normally your first
    two voids of the day will be darker.
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