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    Default Here's where to find: Mello Yello

    I figure I will lend fellow soda pop fans a hand at finding some hard-to-find gems. I won't do eveything, but some of the biggies that people might be interested in. Here is post #1: Coca-Cola's Mello Yello.

    Jefferson County Pennsylvania currently has it, but it is fast disappearing. It might not be here within a few months. I last saw it at the Flying J Travel Plaza in Brookville, PA (Exit 78 of Interstate 80). It is only available as a 20 ounce bottle.

    Cracker Barrell Restaurant in New Stanton, PA has Mello Yello on tap. I am not sure if the location in Altoona, PA has it on tap, I will have to visit and report later.

    Roy Rogers in Somerset, PA (South Somerset Service Plaza on the Eastbound side of the Pennsylvania Turnpike) has Mello Yello on tap.

    Morgantown, WV has Mello Yello in 2 Liters, 12 packs, and 20 ounce bottles. I was able to find Mello Yello at both Kroger Grocery Stores in Morgantown (2 Liters and 12 packs) and a few Sheetz locations (20 ounce only). One Kroger is off of Interstate 68 on WV Route 7 West. The other Kroger is along WV Route 705 about 1/2 - 1 mile east of US Route 19 on the north side of Morgantown. has Mello Yello available in their Hard to Find Grocer area:

    Soft Drinks-Old Fashioned Candy, Nostalgic, Retro & Old Time Candies & Grocery: Hometown Favorites also has Mello Yello available

    Have Mello Yello in your area? Chime in and let us know!
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