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    Smile A&W Float & Sunkist Float

    I got a sneak peek from Bev Net about these 2 items coming out on Jan 16.I thought they'd just be in plastic bottles with corn syrup.I was in a small supermarket here in Plainwell,MI on Saturday and discovered the Float products in 4 packs of glass bottles at $5.99 per 4 pack + deposit..a bit expensive.I bought a 4 pack of the A&W and took it home and put a couple of bottles in the fridge to get it nice and cold and discovered on the ingredients SUGAR! not corn syrup.I got a bottle really ice cold..Took it out,shook it slightly and imbibed..It is VERY sweet 63 grams of sugar in a 12 oz bottle..But it's Creamy and Foamy and Rich..It has Nitrous Oxide to increase Foam...Do other areas of the country have these sweet treats? I'm a sugar-holic,so I think it's great!

    Thanks everyone!
    The Gal at the 7up distributor said they're trying a more Retro thing with their sodas...Glass Bottles and Sugar..(Cadbury-Schweppes)

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