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    Default Barq's diet red creme soda in Indy?

    During a trip to Indy this weekend, I purchased a drink I just found out about a week ago- Diet Big Red.

    At the same time I learned about Diet Big Red, I found out about Barq's diet red creme soda. I always loved the regular red creme soda as a kid, I'd always get it when we visited Indy for the 500.

    I found the Diet Big Red at Kroger's on Crawfordsville Rd, but I was unable to find Diet Barq's red creme soda at that Kroger, the Marsh also on Crawfordsville, or the Marsh on Rockville rd.

    Can anyone point me towards a store in the Indy area or NW Indiana that does carry the drink? I will be back in Indy next weekend, staying on the North side of town so if anyone can point me in the right direction I would LOVE to pick some up.

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