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    Default Coca-Cola Co.'s frustrating new cap design

    Anyone else hate the new "low profile" cap design that has appeared on 20 oz. bottles of all Coca-Cola soft drinks (including Dr Pepper and Sprite)? First of all, when you first unscrew it, numerous times it takes the retaining ring along with it... and even worse, to borrow a term from the British... it's bloody hard to screw back on! It usually takes me several tries to catch the threads right, and eventually I just give up and twist it on with brute force. I never had this problem with the old cap design... ever!

    Comparing it to the old (pre-February 2008) design, they reduced the number of thread rings on the bottle from three to two, which probably saves them a tiny fraction of a cent per bottle in manufacturing costs, along with the smaller cap. But that's not the problem... the old "tall" cap screws onto the new bottle without much difficulty. It's the new "low profile" cap itself, which is very difficult to screw onto both the old and new 20 oz. bottle designs.

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