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    Default Ciel water changes bottle design...

    Ciel water from Coca-Cola changes its packaging... with new label (it's the third change of label in the last four years), and now with new bottle...

    Here's a pic of the old bottle and the new bottle... the pic of the new one I took it from the 2007 annual review of The Coca-Cola Company so if you've seen the report, this is not new for you...

    and here's a pic of the whole Ciel lineup... Ciel mineralizada (club soda version) is the only one that haven't changed its bottle... and Ciel Aquarius is now renamed as Ciel +, because Coca-Cola now used Aquarius for another lineup of sparkling water with a hint of Fanta, Sprite and apple Lift flavors...

    What do you think of the new bottle design?
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