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    Default New Energy Drinks... What do customers look for?

    I am just curious here people, when people look at new energy drinks at their local convenience store, deli, etc., what are they looking for? Price? ingredients? vitamin content? Flashy can? what? your imput here is greatly appreciated. TY in advance!!

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    Taste, Kick, Price, Logo.

    And to me i also like sponsorship, for like, X-game stuff.

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    ok, but if ur lookin at it, you havent tasted it yet. what else ya got?

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    Good descriptions catch me too..and if its a brand thats been around for a minute with a line extension..

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    deit,sugar free, lo-carb, and lites have been pretty popular

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    Well certain colors catch peoples eyes more, such as bright colors. The first energy drink i tried was monster, mainly because i thought the can looked cool, and because of its reputation. Another thing, is what else their company offers, i tried amp because i like mountain dew, i tried sobe no fear because i like sobe. If i was starting a convenience store, i would order well know and trusted energy drinks, then trow in a random original energy drink that no ones heard of. Thats about all i can tell you.
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    Price, logo & taste.

    For ones I hadn't tasted yet: price, logo & it's something I would want to try.

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    I like all the deit energy drinks there good and healthy! yumm

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    For me, ingredients are everything. Numbers hidden in "energy blends" are a huge turn off, honest caffeine content labeling is a big turn on.

    Aside ingredients, it's the name and a design unique from the rest.

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    Brand Name Recognition is probably number one. People who buy cotton swabs call them q-tips, people who buy facial tissue call them kleenex. So when I go to a store and see Mountain Dew, a brand that i find synonymous with caffeine, has an energy drink, I think "ok that makes sense and I trust them to deliver on something they are known for".

    Personally I can only drink Mountain Dew on occasion because i have to be in the mood for that taste, AMP is like hopped up mountain dew so it also has the same effect.

    As an example just today I went to the store to get an Energy drink to take to work because I work nights and I find the extra energy/mind trickery because i think I'm getting energy keeps me going so when I get off work i can still do things and not want to sleep. I enter the aisle and reach for where I know they keep my favorite ED Sobe Adrenaline Rush.

    (As an aside, I found Energy Rush because I liked Sobe and it happened that I tried Sobe one day as a random choice in a 7-11 years ago)

    But I stop and see that the afore-mentioned AMP (again, which I like but in small doses) has 3 new flavors. Being that I already like AMP well enough to make a purchase and they have some clout with me I opt not for my usual but for the new Orange Flavored AMP. Also in that decision was the fact that Mountain Dew has an orange offshoot "livewire" which unlike mountain dew i can drink repeatedly without having to be "in the mood" for it. I think to myself, "Since AMP is to me hopped up mountain dew, surely AMP RELAUNCH is hopped up livewire" As it turns out, I was right in that assumption and I now have a number 2 favorite ED in AMP RELAUNCH.

    In the end My purchase was based on Brand Recognition, delivery of a new but familiar product, placement of new product near old faithful product, and the ability of myself to deductivly reason that Mountain Dew would likely take something they already make and that people enjoy and AMP it up.

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