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    Default Pepsi artist series

    In the same vein as Mountain Dew Green Label...

    "While the art and design worlds are trying to reconcile their differences and work together, Cary Lietzes of ARTCO is working to bring artists and major corporations closer, by creating branding that is visually stimulating and unique. Design has a long history of struggle with the mass market but Lietzes has pioneered a fresh approach to the subject and carved out an intricate niche for herself and the artists and brands with which she works.

    Using her knowledge of fashion, marketing and publishing, Lietzes recognized the need for new blood in the marketing world and identified current artists whose forward thinking and creativity suited these needs. Hence, ARTCO's current project with Pepsi is not surprising, but is refreshing.

    ARTCO has assembled 10 artists to design the Pepsi cans for the company's 4 biggest markets. The 10 different designs will be sold worldwide, with the new designs rolling out in select countries before expanding to more locations throughout the year."

    Vista Art and Design: Vista Feature

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    Pepsi rocks.
    Sorry, I know the Pepsi route guys
    hate these art cans.
    I hope Chicago get these cans.
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    Very nice but the position of the Pepsi "Globe" does not look right on the Pepsi Light cans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XLS_04 View Post
    Very nice but the position of the Pepsi "Globe" does not look right on the Pepsi Light cans.
    your right it looks off center to the right. Nice cans though!

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