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Thread: Beverage Theft?

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    I'm in the loss prevention field, however, I am stumped by the recent high-dollar thefts of Red Bull. Is there a market out there for Red Bull, or am I missing something. Seems like a strange thing to steal, but I've seen alot of strange things in my line of work. The Red Bull thing, however, just really has me scratching my head. I just read about a $1000 Jones Soda Loganberry heist. What gives?
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    RB is an easy sell. It can be sold in numerous places other than the C-store or Market.
    If you paid zilch for it you would practically be giving it away at 12 per case. Maybe a bit more. Independents (C-STORES)are easy to sell RB to in this manner. Just cash and no invoice. They would love to be making that margin on that product day in and day out.
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    I believe the main reason was because a while back someone stole a 53 foot trailer full of over $100,000 worth of Red Bull.

    more than likey they wrote it off, therefore making it look like the product is stolen alot more than others?

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