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    Default Would this products profit margin be attractive?

    (I hope this is the best forum for this question)

    I am trying to sell a non-carbonated, non-alcholic concentrated energy mixer to bars and ice cream places so they can sell the syrup to their customers. I'm not wanting to replace anything they currently have, just expand their menu.

    The syrup I have has 132 oz of concentrate that can be poured from a bottle into a drink or smoothie and 1oz of concentrate makes 8oz of energy drink.

    The price for the 132 oz of syrup (each order would come in 4 bottles) is $89. That makes for 67.5 cents per serving to the bar owner and a sale between 2-3 dollars to the customer. for a projected profit of $241 when each case is used up.

    Would that profit margin be attractive to the bar/ice cream shop owner or am I just in la-la land? The syrup carries a 180 money back gaurantee and no minimums to buy. Would that seal the deal, or will I be balked at all day long?

    I'd trade it all, for a little more....

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