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    A long, long time ago, energy drinks came in cool 8oz cans. There were few choices, but a couple of the prominent ones were Rockstar and Monster. One day Monster thought it would boost their sales if their product came in a big 16 oz can. Seeing how successful Monster was; Rockstar followed suit. After some time of competition, Monster again thought it would be nice if they had an even bigger 24oz can, for those hardcore customers. Again, Rockstar did the same, thinking this would be as big as a drink could get. Recently, Monster introduced a massive 32oz can, dubbed the "BFC". This really pissed Rockstar off and they said "Oh, no you didn't!". Last night I purchased for $5, a 1 liter bottle of regular Rockstar. Only a couple ounces more than Monster's 32oz, it comes in an opaque standard soda bottle with resealable cap.
    The clerk thought it was crazy, and he didn't even know he had it. $5 is way too much. Although in the Florida keys this summer, at the only convenience store for miles, I payed the same for a 16oz can of Full Throttle's hydration drink; the only energy drink they had.

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